The Electronic Security Window


This blog will be dedicated to discuss the latest security products oriented to the residential and light commercial dealers. It will present in simple language the latest technologies and advances in the electronic security brands distributed and supported by Silmar Electronics.

Cloud Video Surveillance

Join Silmar Electronics and Ivideon on a journey demonstrating cloud video surveillance and its benefits.

“In the future, cloud recording is going to be very important for our dealers.” – Marcel Van Brackel, IP Product Manager at Silmar Electronics

Carlos Smith, Silmar Electronics’ COO, along with Daniel Gonzalez, the IP Tech Associate at Silmar, express the main reasons why cloud servicing is beneficial to integrators and end users. The overall security of cloud servicing eliminates the risk of camera outages or stolen recording devices. Cloud servicing provides piece of mind by delivering images streamed over the internet to a device such as your smartphone. The recording always remains safe and secure. Cloud servicing in some cases can lower the total cost of ownership. Integrators can focus on their revenue stream and provide a cost-effective solution to their end users. This solution, being IP based, eliminates the need to run complex wiring enhancing the aesthetic for the end user and saving installation time and costs. Marcel Van Brackel, the IP Product Manager at Silmar, further elaborates that cloud recording is the future of video surveillance.

Here are some points from Ivideon on why their solution is right for you:

It is the top platform for video surveillance. We successfully handle video surveillance for more than 1,500,000 users, a number that puts us at the front of the pack. You can trust us. We know what our clients need, and strive to meet those needs to the best of our ability, which is why users give our apps 4.5 out of 5 stars in the App Store and Google Play.
Our system automatically monitors cameras. One problem with the last generation of cameras was that you only found out that they were down when you looked for a recording and couldn’t find it. Ivideon keeps tabs on your cameras and instantly notifies you if any of them go offline. That way you can quickly take care of the problem and never miss important events. This is particularly important when you have multiple locations.
You can evaluate our service at minimal expense. Are you up to your ears in cameras but still aren’t sure if Ivideon is the company for you? Connect a test location free of charge and only make a decision after you’ve seen with your own eyes how it works. We’d love to help.
We offer excellent quality at prices you can handle. You get to enjoy the best quality video your connection can handle. And yes, we made video surveillance accessible for anyone. After all, it costs as low as $5 per month per camera.
Rollout and support is cheaper with us. Ivideon’s cloud architecture lets us equip our distributed data centers with powerful computing and data storage nodes. That means our team can offer reliable, round-the-clock service so you don’t have to spend money on an in-house team.
We are a team of professionals. Ivideon is more than just modern technology; it is also elite engineers ready to take on the most ambitious of assignments. You can always rely on us for your video surveillance projects.
Setup and connection doesn’t get any easier. Ivideon works across nearly all connection types, letting you avoid complex setup, external IP addresses, and all the other hoops normal surveillance systems make you jump through.
Our tech support is always there for you. Our engineers keep a close eye on our system and quickly offer any help that is needed, no matter the time.

Stop by a Silmar Electronics branch and talk to a sales representative about how Cloud Video Surveillance can help you and your end users!

Silvia Mangas
Marketing Manager
Silmar Electronics

The Total Solution For Your Customer

Smart home modern future house vector illustration, solar energy technology

In this opening blog I would like to discuss the role that a security dealer has in the customer’s life. Some of the dealers are only focused on alarm solutions, others only on cameras, but the market has changed and security dealers must adapt.

I understand that you as security dealer like to be specialized in a single field or line of products, but this is proving to be risky territory. Smartphones are now in the hands of most of your customers and home automation companies are showing the advantages of controlling one’s home from anywhere, anytime. Are you offering the right product? Are you offering the complete solution to your customer?

HandHold_phoneStatus_webThe alarm and home automation industry are unifying more and more every day. The alarm manufacturers are producing products that are connected to networks (Internet) and can be controlled by your customers’ smartphones.  In addition, companies like are converting the alarm system in the center of the smart home, thus being able to control lights, thermostats, locks, cameras and other household devices with the benefit of automated actions. is not the only company offering this type of “life convenience”.  Other companies are offering similar benefits, however is specifically targeting security dealers and tapping into the recurring revenue stream.

It is important for you to consider your offering to your customers.  Some years ago you were selling the peace of mind that your customer could be anywhere and the monitoring station would dispatch the police in the event of the alarm going off. Today, customers are looking for something more. With access to pretty much any information at any time, customers are seeking real-time actual events, not just a call from a central station.

Thus, starting to sell and promote a Total Solution to your residential customers is the way to go! Total solution means:

  • Having the convenience of arming and disarming the alarm panel from the phone
  • Having the lights turn on automatically at certain times or when one is arriving late at night
  • Being able to get a notification with a picture or video when someone disarms the alarm panel
  • Checking if one left the garage door open and being able to close it from anywhere in the world

If you are not offering this lifestyle to your customers, another company is.  Comcast and ADT are creating the demand for you.  Take advantage of the market awareness being created by large corporations and offer these services to your customers (They are already sending a check every month).  Silmar Electronics has sales people trained in home automation and we have a demo room in our Miami Branch where you can see and feel the convenience of a smart home.

Smart Home not only means light and temperature control. You can also offer:

  • Multiple room audio connected to Pandora, Spotify or several other music streaming services
  • Biometric devices to control gun and ammo cabinets
  • Doorbells connected to the internet so one can open a gate entry after seeing the person at the door
  • Plus many other solutions are available in this new wave of gadgets for one’s home

There are multiple resources online where you can learn more. Remember that you have a great advantage versus the competition. Your customer trusts you with their alarm system and is already your customer. Learn more and offer them the Total Solution for their particular needs.  Remember, Silmar is always here to help you take you take your business to the next level and we are Committed to your Success!

Marcel Van Brackel
Product Manager
Silmar Electronics